Passing Time in Winter.

I don't know about anyone else, but I am so done with winter.  I tried to be optimistic about it since I generally like snow and winter, and I get to power through Valentine's Day with presents and a date and a new dress and all of that...but I'm so done.  When the sun sets at 3 to 4 pm and the rest of the day is gray and barely light anyway, you tend to go a little crazy.  For a minute, you see the flakes falling outside and you think "ooh I live in a beautiful snowglobe" and then in half an hour you feel like slamming your head against the snowglobe until either it, or your skull, cracks into a million pieces.

How to pass the time?  Lately it's been preparing for Valentine's Day, sledding, and continuing to learn Swedish.  Since I'm so generous, I'm going to share all of that with you as well.  Have some photos and learn a few words! (The phonetics are supposed to be pronounced as they would be read in English, if that makes sense.)  Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!

p.s.....I totally got to do an interview over at the awesome Felicia's blog, Fel's Got Swag.  Go listen to me yap about art.  You might learn something. lol.  



  1. Yay! You are my swedish guru now. I'm going to try out the swedish 'i love you' ;)

    all love, xx Fel

  2. I love the little poof balls you made!!

    As for me, I want it to either be snowing, or warm. I'm sick of the snow, then ice, then warm day with melting snow, then negative temps. IT'S SO BIPOLAR.