Love is In The Air/I Am Happy

Ten days til Valentine's Day!!! I am SO excited you guys.  I've been making a very special secret Valentine for Henri, as well as cooking up ideas for Valentine's with my au-pair family.  Can I just call them my Swedish family? They pretty much are.  Anyway, Henri will be spending Valentine's weekend with us and I am so excited and happy and nervous for the weekend.  I have a fancy red dress which I will take lots of photos of....we are going to have dinner one night out on the town, and then I am going to cook for everyone the next night! What's a good "American" dinner?  (Paleo if possible) I was thinking bleu cheese burgers, with some loaded baked paleo-potatoes.  Swedes have never heard of loaded baked potatoes, but throw me your ideas if you have them! I always ate more like a European than an American anyway, so I am not well-versed in what is American (other than Elvis sandwiches which isn't a very impressive Valentine's Family Dinner.)

I wanna show you a little Valentine's project I made, but before that, here's a photodump! I know I should be sharing these photos more often but blogging is just so sporadic when you are still settling into a schedule. Anyway, have a look:

1. Sexy new red lips and yes, it's still fucking snowing 
2. My wonderful super-Swedish mittens!
3. Me and one of the amazingly wonderful kiddos I work with
4. Doing hair and makeup like a baus
5. Well that's not very nice....(It means something like...fuck you, fucking lady...or lady fucker...idk???)
6.  I don't know what they were going for here but....

Here is the little project I made which was eaten by the rabbit about two days after I made it.  Fear not, it took all of twenty minutes to make and so tomorrow I am going to redo it and add a little glitter!  Grab some scrapbooking paper, washi tape, string, and tree branches and you're all ready to go.


  1. Such a cute and simple Valentine's decoration! I'm impressed. I'm also impressed that the rabbit managed to eat it all. :)

  2. p.s. - forgot to say that I enjoyed a peek at your life in Sweden (brr, it looks cold!) and can't wait to see the red dress. :)

  3. aw how fun!! i love your valentine's day creation. and lurve date. ;) xx

  4. Now I know that you are not a Swedish. Good luck for your vday :) Your project is really lovely :)

    1. Thank you! But lol what do you mean not a Swedish? Not a Swede? Or?

  5. Love your V-day tree :) Sweden looks amazing! I'm so glad you're loving your time there!

  6. Well hello there Martha Stewart! Such a cute little tree!

    For loaded baked potatoes, add shredded chicken! Bake the potatoes like regular, then scrape out most of the potatoes (but leave some with the peel to make it sturdy) and add chicken, real butter, green onion, salt, and pepper. Add back to the potato skin and bake a few more minutes. SO good, and paleo! Does the family eat cheese? If so you can add it on.

    Can't wait to see pictures!

  7. Ow that project looks so beautiful! I'm definitively trying it because soon I'll be moving to a bigger house