2012 in Review.

2012 has been one hell of a ride, that's for sure.  It didn't start off so well, in Virginia in a bad place with my husband, stuck in a location and relationship that didn't suit me.  I think it has been a great year to learn and explore, and most importantly 2012 has seen me realize several of my dreams.

The year was full of meeting new friends...some on this blog! I am very lucky for the magical people in my life.  

And this year was also packed with adventures. Here are a few of them.

I visited Sweden for the first time since 2009.
I saw Rammstein in Denver.
I went back to college.
I enjoyed the Utah Arts Festival and Red Butte Gardens.
I took some pills....
went back to Tennessee...
and had an amazing Halloween.
Recently I celebrated Utah's first snow of the year.

I'm ending the year with an adventure too.  I'm currently in Sweden! It's been great.

2012 was also an amazing period full of learning about myself, self-exploration, venting, and facing some hard life lessons, but in the best way possible.  I don't have negative feelings about anything that's happened to me this year, even the hard stuff.  Usually I do have some reservations and regret, but this year has shown me so much and I've gained so much from it that looking at losses seems a bit silly.

For the first time ever in print (or web) I shared my foster care story.
I learned a lesson about the past.
I also went public with my suicidal thoughts.
And shared my experiences with depression.
My most difficult day was when I ran into my Dad.
And my best day of the year involved a letter in the mail...

So there you have it, 2012 in more or less a few links!  Thanks to all of you who have turned up to show support and enjoy my madwoman rantings.  I promise soon to fill you all in on my Swedish holiday adventures, but I have a new year to ring in!!  Bring on 2013.  :)


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