Yep, it's that time.  Another atheism post.  I normally don't even mind to the point of getting aggravated, but everyone has their limits.  Out of the kindness and courtesy of my little godless heart I will refrain from linking the source of my aggravated mood over this, but to sum it up, I found a blog post by some random woman who was expressing severe discontent about the election, and how she was afraid for the future.  That's fine and dandy, (and a little dramatic probably) but the icing on the cake was her not-so-subtle move toward insulting Democrats, saying "I hate that we are a world of godless souls."

Needless to say, the post sparked quite a range of reactions, including my own comment, which she hasn't approved yet and probably won't.  But everyone who commented, even the defensive Dems, claimed that they weren't godless.

A political party shouldn't ever be grouped into a singular religion, but that's beside the point.  They were acting as though the term "godless" was a slap in the face.  And in this fine country we live in, "godless" is synonymous for heathenish,  uncivilized, uneducated, barbaric.  That's what pisses me off, ladies and gentlemen.  I don't give a fuck if you are all up in arms about your personal savior.  I could care less, really.  But why is my lack of a belief, the simple descriptive word 'godless' to be used as an insult?  I guess this is how gay people feel when someone says "That's queer as fuck."  What's so negative about being gay? What's so negative about being an atheist?

I'll tell you what's so negative about being an atheist.  Nothing.  Not one single thing.  Never have I bemoaned my eternal soul, never have I worried about friends and relatives in the afterlife, never have I had to give up 10 percent of my check to fund a ridiculous prehistoric civilization that claims no taxes and discriminates on an hourly (at least) basis.  I may have worried about what I'm going to achieve in this life, I may worry about seeing my friends often enough.  I want to do everything to make this life a wonderful adventure and sometimes that can be stressful.  But yeah, otherwise? I'm good.  I'm not disappointed that god isn't real.  I was more upset when I found out that Santa wasn't real.  At least Santa's works of good were visible and tangible and I could hold them in my hand and say "Wow, Santa!"

Now when something goes right it's like, "Wow, science!"  or "Wow, friends!" or even "Wow, random happenstance!"  I don't care about any fairy tales.  The same way that Christians and so on and so forth view the ancient myths of Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian civilizations, is the EXACT same way atheists view those ridiculous stolen books of the Bible and Quran and all that shit.  The difference between dead myths and Christianity et al is that those religions are STILL prominent they're STILL influencing life and politics and everything for everybody, they're STILL causing war and discrimination and guess what...atheists don't LIKE that.

 We don't like being told to hate a certain group based on color or gender preference just because a book says so.  We don't like countries killing each other over the "holy" land.  We especially don't like the guilt trips and the false humility that religion beats down on us--we know real humility, because again: science.  We take responsibility for our own actions and don't have or need a scapegoat to die for us only to go to eternal heaven three days later.

So for those Christians who think that the world is ending and that we've strayed too far from God and that this GODLESS nation/world is threatened, let me tell you a little something about your own bullshit beliefs.  They didn't stem from beautiful dewdrop flowers whispering in your sleeping baby's ears at night.  The ONLY reason Christianity gained prominence in the Western world is because the believers at the time went on bloody, ghastly, horrific Crusades: MULTIPLE TIMES, and killed the non-believers while converting every single fucking person they could.  Thus it spread.  Congratufuckinglations, the Romans and some other dicks were better warriors.  If your history is so strewn with blood and gore, what on earth could you POSSIBLY forsee as a future ran by the godless?


...No, it isn't, it never was.  Do some reading on the Red Scare and recognize the fact that "In God We Trust" and "Under God" were written in, in the goddamn 1950's.  Two centuries after the founding of the country.  And it was during the time of black segregation, don't even get me started on women's rights....and it was all to push America toward being that perfect Atomic Age country and scaring the pants off those old mean Commies.  It has nothing to do with anything else.  Sorry.

So you must either want to go back to the Dark Ages, or you want to go back to the 1950's when everyone ate lead paint and swam in different swimming pools.  This is your logic.  Not mine.

Godless is not an insult.  It's something I am proud of, something others should be proud of, and something you should be ashamed of trying to eradicate.  I am a godless person and it simply means that I'm intelligent, strong, independent, realistic, and extremely, extremely sexy.

One final word on America and its creation, and then I will get off my little soapbox here:


  1. I don't like atheist stuff showing up on my Facebook, but I agree completely. I like to keep the mystery of exactly "Wtf does Emily think?" alive haha but yeah, morons.


      That's okay, we know you're Nancy Neutral. BUT YOU'RE STILL SMART

  2. Godless only remains an insult as long as atheists take insult at it. There's always the strategy of taking the word and bringing pride into it as gay people have with the word "queer" and "gay" that were originally pejorative. In atheists' case, godless is a sign of liberation, not a sign of loss.

    1. I agree, but it was being used purposefully by them as an insult.

  3. See, to my mind, being "godless" or Christian or whatever the hell you are is the beauty of being American! Being a Dem myself, I do take a little offense to one person lumping me into a "godless" group, because I'm not godless. But my brother is an athiest, and my other brother is agnostic, and I totally respect them both for their beliefs, or lack thereof. To each their own. THAT is why America is amazing....
    I think what pisses me off the most about this past election is the dramatic response from both sides. Newsflash to folks: No matter which man would have been elected, we'd have been fine in the end. It's not THAT dire. For over a hundred years we've been swinging back and forth on the republican/democrat pendulum, and we're all still here.

    1. I feel completely the same way. Granted had Romney been elected and started fucking around with my birth control (which he probably wouldn't or couldn't have) I would've been pissed. But people are literally acting like it is the end of the world one way or the other. And it's soooooo not. Everybody needs to take a giant ass valium and calm the shit down. I'm glad somebody else realizes this :P

  4. Ach. I forgot one more point.... People assume that if you are godless, then you are also not a good person. That's bull#$*t. You can not believe in God and still know the difference between right and wrong and how to treat people well.