Blogging reflections.

So I finally found out how to go under the settings tab and clear out my reading list.  This is awesome because I don't get to see the blogs and bloggers I love because like most of us, I went on a "following spree" upon first learning about blogs.  A lot of the blogs I was following weren't right for me, and now that I've thinned out the list I will actually be INTERACTING with the people whose blogs I love and read.  My actual blogging friends, of which there are many and all of them are amazing women.

It's funny how out-of-the-norm I am when it comes to blogging, from my perspective at least.  I get "minus points" for lacking all of the following: 

-a happy marriage or "LOVE OF MY LIFE" or some other significant other whatever.
-ability and want to craft
-ability and want to cook
-ability and want to DIY ANYTHINGGGG and I mean anyfuckingthing
-inability to stop using the word "fuck"
-an addiction to pinterest
-an addiction to twitter
-some cool neat cliche thing that I'm obsessed with like foxes or owls or dinosaurs or candy
-ability to do hair and makeup
-love of thrifting
-a tripod for posting 100000's of photos of myself in thrifted/Modcloth dresses
-vanity to post aforementioned photos
-a link in my sidebar for some religious affiliation, more than likely Mormonism
-good scheduling for posts (i.e., weekly features, I fucking suck at them)
-reviewing products.  I just don't give two fucks to yell out my opinion to the virtual world.
-not making fun of gingers despite having glaring artificial red hair

In addition to the things I DON'T have that make up your stereotypical blogger, I also possess THESE qualities which keep me 'out of the norm':

-disgust at the thought of having children
-disgust at relationships
-disgust at life in general and everyone and everything in it
-the love of the word "fuck"
-Rammstein and porn are actually the same thing to me
-actual video gaming nerd. Not like the LOLZ IMA NERURD girls.  I actually game.
-staunch, Hitchens-esque approach to atheism and rustling the jimmies of those religious
-rustling jimmies over anything really (aka I'm an internet troll, lol)
-cynic intelligence
-political apathy
-an inhuman obsession with Sweden
-And Swedes
-If I could get away with it I'd probably own a Swede
-but I think that's illegal
-hatred of Portland, hippies, 70's vintage, thrifting and interior decorating, and people who wear Native prints who are clearly Caucasian or other races not pertaining to the Native American culture
-Parks and Recreation

There was a time which this all discouraged me and I hardly bothered writing because I thought that no bloggers would want to read it.  In addition every blog I searched out seemed to have that stereotype to it.  Feminism! Political activeness! Body Acceptance! Fashion! Yeah I don't care, deep down.  But going through this list of blogs I follow reminded me that no, that's not how it is.  There are others out there who have just as terrible of a sense of humor, or some blaring "blog deformity" about them and those are the women I adore and online stalk.  Writing this list actually made me feel better...and now that I'm out of DIY/Craft land (for the most part) I am happy to have a blog feed reader that's full of non-cookie-cutter blogs.

If I'm not on your followers list and you think I should be, fucking tell me woman! Leave a goddamn link in the motherfucking comments and I will check your shit out.  (The cursing helps weed out imposters.)


  1. Hahah I lack a lot of those things too!
    I LOLed at your comment about atheism! Does it make me a terrible person that sometimes I like to bait people just a teeny tiny little bit...!? ;-)

    1. Hey, I don't know about you, but I feel pretty okay with what I'm lacking in :D I do wish I liked cooking though....it'd prevent the whole 'instant mac n cheese' that inevitably happens.

      And nope, nope, Hitchens himself was the pot-stirrer. I try not to be overly obnoxious about atheism but if someone's forcing their beliefs on me you bet I can fire off right back. :D

    2. Heheh pot stirrer. Yes. I am definitely that sometimes, although there's a fine line between that and just being a general idiot/rude (and giving atheism a bad name etc) that I do try and be slightly careful. I am nice. Most of the time. ;)
      *hides pitchfork back underneath bed*

  2. The first comment I left here was kind of creepy, and this one is likely to be even more so... but I fucking love your blog.

    I wrote a post similar to this a while back (http://darnielle.me/u7jet, if you'd like to read it), so I completely get where you're coming from.

    1. I love creepy things, and I do remember your comment. It was really wonderful. And that's not a word I use lightly. So, I hope a belated thank you works.

      I read your post and it cracked me up. I feel the same about used stuff. I think that every single thrifted piece of clothing was worn by a lice-eaten moth-covered homeless person. That's just the image in my mind.

      It's people like you I'm happy to follow!

  3. Well, I've got a lot of stereotypical features, lol: I'm pregnant, I have a significant other, I'm obsessed with DIY, owls & thrifting. Oh, I also own a tripod, and a couple of dresses from Modcloth.

    I think that's why it throws people for a loop when they learn that my pregnancy wasn't planned, I'm not religious in the slightest (love Hitchens!), I almost never wear make-up, I have a foul mouth, and I'd rather spend a weekend alone with my camera than with most people. Something I love about the blogging community is that, no matter what kind of person you are, you can find other similar people to connect with.

    1. Shhh don't tell anyone but I own three Modcloth dresses. They just never make an appearance on this blog, LOL!!! Too lazy to be fashionable.

      Though you're right, you do have all of those qualities, I NEVER thought of you as a stereotypical blogger! In fact when I ran across your blog I was like NOW HERE'S A WINNER!!! I guess my ESP clued me in. I am so thrilled you love Hitchens. He was such a brilliant, and snarky, man.

      So, I guess you're right! Even if I feel kind of awkward sometimes, I am definitely among great company here ;)

  4. Well, I love my husband and my life and craft because of my Mormon upbringing, but I'm not Mormon, I love P&R an insane amount and I also wrote an entire post about bike porn, tits and balls in my face so that cancels each other out, right? RIGHT?! Just love me goddammit, I love making fun of gingers even though I secretly wish i could have ginger babies. (Sadly, a half black husband doesn't produce redheads.)

    1. LOL. Yes, crafting is inevitable if there are Mormons in your family life. I think it's hereditary like sickle-cell anemia. :P But I paint, so that's not tooooo far off from being crafty. I DO LOVE YOU GODDAMMIT WHY ARE WE NOT FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK AND ALSO WHY HAVEN'T WE HAD A GREAT PARKS AND RECREATIONS DISCUSSION. Also, I want to have ginger babies too :D :D :D maybe I'll lend you one if I can find a decent potent-gened soulless match.

    2. Add me! My full name is Steffani Packard Rideau. When I click on your FB look it goes to my Facebook...? And yes, Parks and Recs discussion need to happen. i watched them all and now Vince is watching them so I'm watching them with him and I just keep crying from laughing. I love it so much. And yes, share your baby with me?

  5. I probably fall into too many of those categories you mentioned :) You better love me anyway!

    1. LOL!!!! I love you so much you have no idea!!!! And maybe you do have those traits but you are a BAUS about them, so it's fine. Besides most of the recipes you post have my mouth watering and I think you and Aaron are cute and I'm painting a picture for your baby SO it's safe to say I do love you!!!

    2. Hooray! I feel better about life now :) I love you!