Black Friday.

I'm just going to touch on Black Friday before I go blog about Sims 3.  But first...let's backtrack.  Thanksgiving.  A pointless holiday, really.  I don't need a single day of the year to give thanks to everything that makes my life amazing.  I suppose I find that holiday as pointless as some people find Valentine's Day.  The difference is that Valentine's Day didn't originate from a make-believe tale of friendship that hid a true story of violence and genocide.  I live with Native Americans.  So no, I don't enjoy or value Thanksgiving.  I am eternally grateful for my life and what's in it and a day of being a total glutton doesn't make me feel any luckier, it just makes me feel disgusting and greedy.

And then we have Black Friday.  I've never given a single shit about this shopping day and I haven't started now, but a Wal-Mart just opened up the street from my house and they had a waffle maker for really cheap that Derik wanted.  The place has been dead since opening day so I thought, why not? I'll just drop in during the madhouse, get my happy little waffle maker and then get out.  Yeah no.  People were EVERYWHERE.  I don't know if you participate in Black Friday, but for the twenty minutes I was there for one item, I was more disgusted than I have been in years.  People antsy, running, dashing about like total fucking morons.  Some had kids in tow.  Some were literally battering through the aisles with their carts like fucking Roman castle stormers.  Some had BABIES with them!!! Their carts and hands were spilling over with things like tupperware, TV's, bikes, toys, and who knows what other Christmas presents.

This is sickening to me.  I mean, how pathetic is our culture that this asinine display of greed and selfishness passes for "normal" and "the biggest shopping day of the year"?  Is this how we show people in our lives that we love them? Being an atheist I don't care a damn bit about the birth of 8 pound baby Jesus, but nonetheless Christmas is a special time that should be full of good memories.  Wanting to stab every single person who stormed past me with unnecessary amounts of merchandise in their arms, is not a good memory.  People were excited about this.  How do you get excited about acting like we're barbarians but instead of killing each other over deities we're just grabbing fucking food processors? Is the ten dollars you save THAT worth it?

The answer is no, it isn't.  If you want to buy a few nice items for your loved ones, do so.  If you want to make them something, that's even better. If DIY isn't your thing, feel free to look at local boutiques and places like Etsy where you can get homemade stuff for good prices.  My god, most people are fine with a card or a letter and a damn candle.  If the gifts themselves are your priority you're missing the point.  And, like, I'm a GREAT gift-giver.  I'm known for picking out things that people will enjoy.  I can do this without barging in the doors like some rabid bloodthirsty animal foaming at the mouth and snarling at people over five dollar movies.  This bullshit has to stop or I'm going to start hiring mercenaries to open-shoot across the country on Black Friday.  Think that's fucked up of me to say? I don't care.  This is my blog and I will vent as needed.

So, to all you people who have enough brain cells to avoid this mess, and to those of you who value a homemade gift or something small and heartfelt over some absurdly expensive thoughtless "filler" present, thank you for existing.  If it wasn't for you I'd probably be in a loony bin.

And if you are mad about Black Friday and not reading this because you're out plowing down other families for the closest Monster High Polly Pocket Barbie and Ken whateverthefuckitis:   go fuck yourself.

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  1. On Thanksgiving we were with Vince's family, so I had nothing to eat since I am gluten free. All the restaurants were closed as well, obviously, so I told him I just wanted to run buy Walmart since they were opening at like 8pm or something so that I could grab soup because I was starving. We pulled into the parking lot and it was CRAZY. There were people yelling at each other over parking spots and cutting people off and horns honking, so I said fuck this and we left! There was no way I'd deal with that, so I just stopped at a gas station and got random snacks!