How To Cope With Autumn, Alex Style

Summer is so over.  Winter is so close.  The temperature is so cold.  I have severe SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and every season change is like a four-month-long knife in my heart.  Metaphorically.  Here are some of the ways I cope, complete with vintage cliche photo editing.  You might also want to check out this fucking amazing indie album which sets the mood for cooler weather with beautiful soft vocals, intricate and soothing acoustic guitar, and cozy/sad lyrics.  I recommend "Goodbye My Love" and "The Dragon's Tears" especially.

Onto my autumn list.

1. Live in a beautiful, breathtaking place, and appreciate it.

2. Take cold morning walks and get creeped out by the sound of footsteps behind you.

3.  Appreciate snow.  You might as well. It's better than bitching.  Besides, it's pretty.

4. Have the best, most wonderful and amazing international friends anybody could ever hope for.

5. Find a badass local coffee place complete with art and amaaaaaaaaaazing coffee.  Quirkyness helps.

6.  Have the world's best pet, a kind of pathetic pumpkin, and photos of your biggest inspirations over your workspace.  And yes, Sanguine, a god of debauchery, is one of my inspirations.  Are you surprised? Also in the mix is Benny Siegel and Howard Hughes.

7.  Read awesome books all goddamn winter long. Real books. None of that ebook shit.

If you follow these steps then you're well on your way to transitioning into this colder weather!!! Stay tuned in case I have more inspiring advice.  I doubt I will, but you never know.  And now I'm off to eat watermelon and read more about the mob in Vegas.


  1. This makes me excited because I'll be moving to a town near SLC soon!
    I am also a firm believer in snuggling up on the couch with a hot cocoa and a god book! =D

    1. Heck yeah! That's awesome. I freaking adore Utah. What town?? Is it within driving distance? And yes, cocoa or coffee or tea and a book is really what pushes me through those dreary wintery days :)