Tennessee, September 2012.

This is a blog post that actually means a lot to me.  See, I have a certain angst about the term 'home' and everything it implies (something I bemoaned here) and I don't rightly know how to explain it.  (I don't rightly know? My Tennessee is coming out.)  I always just summarize it with "Tennessee sure is pretty."  And it is.  In an almost dreamy, heartbreaking way, for me.  People don't really believe me when I say this, mostly because they're already conjuring images of Deliverance, and also because I happen to think the desert is gorgeously, breathtakingly beautiful.  I do have a lot of pride in the state I was raised in.  These places all mean a lot to me and they come to me in dreams, or in my most nostalgic memories.   So I will share them without saying much more in the hopes that you can see why I call Tennessee beautiful and leave it at that.

(ps, stay tuned for my next blog entry where I have a surprise run-in with my dad)


  1. Tennessee is a beautiful state. And your boots are to die for!

  2. What?! Those pictures are all soo pretty and magical! Now I want to visit Tennessee! And man, a run-in with your dad? Must be some story.

  3. Tennessee looks absolutely gorgeous, and I think your photographs really capture that wild beauty.