If You REALLY Knew Me....

I've seen this one floating around Bloggy land and as with most things, I'm late to the party, but here I am.  It's fashionable for us Leos to arrive late and garner a lot of interest.   Or maybe I'm a slob and can't get around to doing things.  Either way, I love you guys for putting up with my slow posts during these busy days.  I may have some exciting news coming up soon.  Still, more on that later.  Right now, let's go over all the stuff you probably didn't need to know about me but will anyway.

Dress: H&M      Belt: Thrifted    Shoes: Payless

If you REALLY knew me you'd know: 

-I'm really judgmental and not ashamed to say it.  My best friend Madi recently wrote a journal on this and called it having "incredibly high standards for people" (in her life.)  I seem to be the only one who doesn't mind the negative connotation of the word 'judgmental' and I'm also not shy about pointing out that EVERYONE is judgmental.  It's not a bad thing.  Judging is how we get through life, really.  The fact that it applies to people in our lives is not different from the fact that it applies to what food we eat, what boys (or girls) we date, and what music we listen to.  We're a judgey little species and that's okay.

-I am really insecure about certain things and doubt myself often, but I usually ignore those feelings and do what I do with a lot of made-up confidence.  This eventually ends up turning into real confidence every now and then.  I just don't think fear is a valid excuse for pretty much anything.  

-Holidays are hard for me.  I cry a lot and become a hermit (especially winter holidays.)  It's just really hard when your biological family has cast you out.  Luckily I always get a lot of Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas morning invites from my amazing and wonderful friends.  

-Atheism is important to me.  Other than a stand against animal cruelty, atheism is really the only "movement" I'm ever involved in.  I can appreciate people who get politically involved, but I am just so apathetic about the joke that is American politics that I don't really feel the need to dip down into that cesspool of yelling, foaming-at-the-mouth liberators and informants.  

-I love all animals.   ALL. ANIMALS.  Spiders and scorpions and crabs and snakes and polar bears and squids and hissing beetles on top of the ever-popular kitties, doggies, and other fluffs.  I think that animals are all amazing testaments to the miracle of life and evolution and they fascinate me.  Most animals that have a bad reputation are also grossly misunderstood.  I don't do the whole stand on a chair and scream thing.  It bugs me more than I can say.

-I seem more impatient than I am.  My body language gives off a negative air sometimes.  Not sure why this is; I guess I'm just a Worley.  

-I have never had the ability to get along with other writers. I've noticed I'm not the only writer who feels this way, either.  It's just like, writers are so big and have such big minds, we can't have any other writer coming into that big huge bubble and crowding up our space.  So if someone is a writer I can usually stay on good terms with them, but it's not like we ever talk about writing.  Instead, I usually discuss my writing with avid readers.  Am I the only one who feels this way?  

-I don't like it when people mimic my Southern accent.  I've gotten over telling them to stop, as this only makes it worse and I realize most people do it because they find the accent unique or interesting and they're not trying to be degrading.  But I still don't like it.  So, keep that in mind the next time you decide to repeat something in someone else's twang: WE DO NOT LIKE IT!!!!

-I have an unhealthy love for Till Lindemann.  It borders on stalking and fangirl obsession wherein I cry in front of my mirror for hours because I love him so much.  Like that eHarmony video about the cat lover who breaks down in tears.  

That's about it really! These are all things most of my close friends already know about me.  So now count yourself lucky that you, too, know all of my awesome quirks and views.  In a few days I'll be putting up my 25 before 26 list and revamping my layout to look more late summer/autumn as we're winding down the days until fall hits.  And I'll be spending mine for two weeks in Tennessee! WAHOO! 


  1. When I read Madi's post, I thought, "Yes! That describes it perfectly!"

  2. I love these kind of posts - thanks for sharing! Really like your blog's new look too x