24 before 25: Year in Review.

Getting closer and closer to the big day.  My birthday is very important to me.  I figured I'd take this opportunity to cross off my list of '24 before 25'.  I need to make a new one, but I'm still pondering over things I want to accomplish in the year to come.  My life is kind of in limbo right now, or rather my future is: I feel like there are a million roads I could take and they will all lead me to drastically different things.  Not intimidating at all, right? Before I just pop the list on here, check out some of the things I got done in my 24th year of life!

Started the year off in Virginia.
But then migrated to Sweden for March.
Got a piercing and went back to red hair.

Made a new bff.
And made up with my old bff.

Balled up and went back to school.
And also my first yoga class.

Got some crushing news about my mom.
and saw Rammstein the same day.

Shared my foster care story.
Had a great epiphany on my past.

Went back to Virginia for a bit
and celebrated my anniversary with a deployment.

Fell MADLY in love with Jeremy Renner.
but got prescribed depression meds because I'm nuts.

Whew!!! And that wasn't even covering July!!!! What a great year, right?  So here's the list.
Green=in progress

1. See Rammstein in concert. 

2. Interview someone I admire, then post the interview as a blog entry.

3. Eat a Vegan diet for 30 days. 

4. Grow my own herbs like basil, mint, and dill.

5. Volunteer at least 80 hours with a foster care group or center or association.

6. Perform on a stage, whether it's singing, reciting a poem, or just telling jokes.

7. Lose five inches in my waist.

8. Host my own self-catered fancy (possibly themed) party.

9. Sell 1,000 dollars worth of merchandise on Etsy.

10. Pick four random friends, write a list of twenty one things I like/love/enjoy about them, and mail the list to them as a surprise.

11. Record myself painting, then upload it to Youtube timelapsed!

12. Get my freaking driver's license!!!

13. On or around the actual date, participate in the birthday project, which turns your birthday into a day of charity and giving. 

14. Go to a local comedy club, drunk, and laugh all night!

15. Find somewhere lonely and inconspicuous, and watch any of the eclipses listed on NASA's official site. Blog about it, obviously!

16. Two words: Yoga. Class. 

17. Learn the basics of jewelry-making. 

18. Participate in my own blog giveaway.

19. Find and participate in a marathon.

20. Register for school in either SLC or Norfolk. 

21. Enroll in a creative writing class/find a group/something!

22. Start a rock collection!!!!!

23. Hike up the "H" Mountain behind the University of Utah!

24.  Get proficient in Swedish, my favorite language!! 

So, I completed 10, have 6 in progress, and haven't done 8.  Not bad! I'm pretty happy with what I've accomplished this year, mentally, physically and emotionally.  2012, and being 24, has been just wonderful in most aspects.  I can't wait to see what 25 brings.  If you have ideas for my list, let me know! 


  1. It seems like just since I started reading your blog you've accomplished so much! Good job girl!

  2. Wow, you've done a whole lot more than I've done! :O

  3. I'm in the middle of 30 days vegan, too! Life twins. Fo rizzle.