To all followers:

So, apparently those of you who were following me are telling me I disappeared from your feed.  This happened when I went to a .com address, and I have nooo idea why.  And being non-overly-web-techy I've done a few things like set up a Feedburner url, but I still don't know if that corrected the problem.  I set up a new Bloglovin' too...I just don't know if that did any good either.  I can't see things from the other side.  If anyone has any tips, please let me know!  Re-following me in GFC has seemed to work for a few people as well.

But, realizing that my url has changed, I figured I needed to update my buttons since they still go to the unused Blogger url.  So if you have my button in the sidebar, the link probably isn't any good.  I'm so sorry about all this! Trust me it was unplanned and spur of the moment, I never had any moment to make a smooth transition.  However, what I DID do was make entirely too many buttons for you to choose from!!! So take your pick, or if you need a different size/image/whatever let me know! Obviously I have no problem making them, blah!

Sorry to everyone again.  It's very frustrating to know I kind of disappeared from everyone's feed.  I AM FOREVER ALONE.


  1. I actually just came to your blog to be like, 'Gurrrrllll, where are you, I miss youuuu,' and then I saw this! I follow on BlogLovin so I'll put your new URL in! I LOVE the re-design!!

    1. hahaha you're not the only one, don't worry! And thanks :D I am pretty happy with it!!! I DIDN'T DIE IT'S OK

  2. Ha I was wondering what happened! New button now on my blog! And I think you made just the right amount (: