These all happened in the past few days.  You should be proud I'm sharing my awkwardness and my hilarious friends.  Cause we all rule.

Me: I didn't know Mormons bowl.
Devin: Everyone bowls. Mormons are just the only ones who do it sober.


Me: So I've finished the sketch of Kate Winslet. And now I'm sketching out Leo DiCaprio's face and am thinking of the part in Titanic where he's sketching out Kate Winslet's face and I want to make an Inception joke sooo bad.

Nate: (on being a veteran) I've been stop lossed and reassigned to the special hobo ops division.  They've issued me a change cup with a TO on how to jack off into it and throw it at people on the street. My PT test is just an endurance test of how long I can stand outside Wal-Mart with a Cash-For-Gold sign.  Our mission: avoid cochlea and Bonnaroo staff as they attempt to capture us and tie wi-fi hot spots around our necks for the concert goers.


Derik: The raptors were making like, bird noises.
Me: Well, birds are our only living descendants of vampires. 


Tobias:  I have a broad taste in women. Sometimes you want the nice dinner with steak and red wine. Other times you just want the sleazy pizza.
Me:  I hope I'm steak and red wine.  I'm probably more like.... miso soup, LSD, and princesscake.


Madi: If trying again is what you feel like you have to do, make sure he's into it too...let him know you are willing and you want to, but he needs to be on board (he'll like that cuz it's a boat pun). Good luck, and don't put all your eggs in one basket (you'll like that cuz you had chickens).


  1. OH LOOK, I've finally caught up! Are you sick of my 5,000 comments yet? haha

    Anyways, this cracked me up. i love anything about Mormons haha

    1. LOL. Oh you know I love your comments, stfu.

      Devin IS a Mormon, and so it makes it that much better HAHA.