A piercing, a life crisis, and henna hair!

Guess what I did for April Fool's day?

Nothing prank-y, I'll tell you that!
I got my eyebrow pierced!!

That picture was SUPPOSED to be an outtake, but I find myself hilarious. So you get to see it up close. Anyway, about the piercing....

I went to Koi Piercing Studio right here in Salt Lake City. It has great, rave reviews on just about any review site you can find, and I can now totally see why. They were very clean, had a great atmosphere and awesome attitudes, and everyone seemed to be able to do their job efficiently. My piercer was DJ. And he made sure I knew exactly what was going to happen with the piercing and the needle entrance and all that jazz. It was 4 in the afternoon on a kind of rainy Sunday (not to mention conference weekend for the Mormons) and there was STILL a huge crowd in the doors! Four or five people walked in around the same time as me.

I've never gotten anything pierced other than my ears, and that wasn't professionally done: a girl in my business class during my sophomore year of high school stuck earrings in my ears. Hahaha! I had no idea what to expect as far as pain goes. I do have two tattoos, and the larger of the two hurt more than anything has ever hurt in my life. I don't like needles and wasn't thrilled that I'd be poked by one so close to my eye. But if my idol Till Lindemann went through it, I could too.

So, the piercer told me the most important thing was to breathe. And as far as pain management, that's pretty true all over the spectrum. Focusing on your breathing really does a lot to bring your mind away from pain in general. And I was doing just fine with my deep breaths until he put the needle up next to my eyeball. Seeing a HUGE ASS NEEDLE in your peripherals does nothing for your breathing, might I just say. I started hyperventilating immediately, but luckily got control of myself by looking in the opposite direction.


Dude, getting a tattoo was at least a billion times more painful. The needle pinched for a few seconds and that was it. I don't know how well I would've done if the pain would've lasted, but it didn't, so no problemo. Next up, after my dental surgery, is my septum...and if I can talk myself into it, nipples.

My friend Devin suggested that what with the piercings and everything else going on in my life, I was going through what he called a "quarter-life crisis." He claimed he himself went through one last year. After giving it some thought I actually agree with what he said.

25 is an awkward spot for someone who is just now finding out that she probably doesn't ever want a traditional family (husband, kids, playful dog, white picket fence.)

For someone who is contemplating leaving her home country behind forever.

For someone who is enrolling in school for the first time in six years this summer and is HELLA nervous about it.

Someone who likes the idea of having babies less and less the older she gets.

Someone who apparently is ready to become a human pincushion (haha) after daydreaming about it since she was 12.

All I'm saying is this sure FEELS like a quarter-life crisis. And that's fine...I'll just roll with the punches. 2012 has been so astonishingly great to me so far, so it seems likely that it will continue to do right by me, even if I am crisis-ing. I have people in my life who support me, and I have my own deep well of belief in myself, and that's all I need to get by.

(Sorry for the picture spam, I just haven't had a phone that takes pictures that I LIKE of myself, since 2005)

And one last update: my hair! When I was in Sweden, it got to looking a little too orange for my liking, thanks to the unnecessary amount of washing I do, so I caved and bought some commercial dye from H&M there. It was beautiful! I loved going back to the deep deep red, but again since I wash my hair waaaaay more than anyone should, it faded out around the time I returned. I'm going to invest in my favorite shade from Special FX, Nuclear Red (also the name of my previous blog lol) as soon as my hair has a little resting time, but in the meantime I got more henna to put in it, as henna is great for strengthening hair. And holy moly! It's sooooo smooth, silky, and shiny! I am so happy I found henna. It's definitely a redhead's best friend. (side note: the weather in Salt Lake has been UHMAZEING)

sunglasses: Payless $9.99

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