Painting with progressive photos.

I just felt like drawing an expressive face today.  I needed to see another human face to make me feel better. This little doodle took me maybe 20 minutes to whip up, including the 2 second photoshop at the end for the texturing.

 I almost like the first few pictures best.  I may use them for some graphic art somewhere down the line.

Enjoy the pictures, any feedback is appreciated.

Rough outlines begin.

Shading, my favorite part. Or maybe blocking the outline is. Eh, I don't care. Both are great.

I always worry that I'm shading too dark on the face.  As usual, I didn't mind the finished product.

More facial darkening and structuring the neck and shoulders.

Color is always healthy.

Add a scratchy texture and blam, done!


  1. As weird as it sounds, it's the eyebrows that totally draw me into this! Great job.

    1. I like the eyebrows, personally. I'm glad they have such an impact, and thank you!!!

  2. I love the finished product! I'm not good at art at all but this dude looks very expressive to me :)

    1. Thank you!!! This wasn't even so much of "art" as much as me just expressing my frustration and putting it on another face!! But I'm glad you like it :D