Rest in Peace, Davy Jones.

I know I'm really behind when it comes to these things.  The other day I was ecstatic when I saw a marathon of the Monkees, a show I watched religiously in my early teen years.  During the marathon, Derik came home and asked if the marathon was on because of "the death" to which I responded, "Don't be ridiculous."  Two seconds worth of googling and yes, it was true.....Davy Jones passed away from a heart attack.

I was shocked, and immediately heartbroken.  

My childhood was not one chock full of happy fluffy memories, but the Monkees were a proud obsession I had for years on end (many of my classmates can attest to this.)  I went through a "hippie" phase, and I watched and quoted the Monkees daily.  Jones was not only the "pretty boy", he was also the charismatic Englishman who carried the more awkward bandmates into stardom.  His ravenous fangirls in the day matched Bieber's.  Davy Jones was one of the iconic figures that stands out in my mind when I think of my few happy days as a youngster.

The episodes came on really early (like five am) and my mom used to record them on a VHS tape.  We had several labeled "Monkees" and we were even lucky enough to video-record a VH-1 made movie about the pre-fab four.  Ariel and I watched hours of the show while our parents left us alone for drinking and partying and playing in their band.  With all that time spent together sleeping in the living room floor, covered in blankets, laughing and in good company, I considered Davy (along with the others) a good friend. 

This video was from an episode where Davy's grandfather comes from England to take Davy back with him.  He's unimpressed with what Davy's life has turned into (being part of a band) and this scene happened when Davy took his last walk on the beach he lived beside, thinking about how it would feel to be separated from his bandmates and friends.  Ariel loved this episode--she was a huge fan of Davy's, along with my mother, who was an original fangirl--re-watching this made me tear up at the memory.

I regret that I don't know more about Davy in his post-Monkee years.  He himself said "The Monkees are like the mafia.  You can't ever get out."  66 is really, really young, but Jones had the privilege of an action-packed life.  Still, it's really hard to acknowledge that now he's gone.  I didn't know this would affect me this much; just a testament to his personality, I guess.

You will be missed, Mister Jones.

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