oh dear.

I really want to give more of an update, but I don't intend to spend my vacation on Tobias's computer making long, well thought out blog entries, so I will just summarize my past few days:

-Sweden is just as beautiful in March as it was in July. Just, chillier.
-I have already seen a few friends and made a few new ones too! I love my Swedish friends.
-I am still really horrible at speaking and understanding Swedish.
- "Sluta snackar om mig!" I was taught this phrase to use when others are speaking Swedish.
-I saw a Viking rune stone. It was so beautiful I almost cried!!!
-Tomorrow I go to the Old Town, the oldest part of Stockholm. Im so excited.
-I tried Swedish milk. It's not disgusting like American milk is.
-I can drink black coffee now! I prefer not to, but it has a very interesting taste anyway.
-I, unaware of Swedish 220v, burnt a large piece of hair off by accident with my curling iron.
-But you can't tell.

A real update might come soon, but not before I take a BILLION pictures with my new digital camera!!!!!!

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