Red hair with henna!!

Hey guys!!

It's true, I've said goodbye to the blond that everybody loves so much and gone back to red.
But not just any red--I finally decided to dye my hair using henna! That's right, the tattoo kind.

I also decided to do a vlog on this subject, it's just easier to follow. I got so sick of reading pages and pages of information on hennaing your hair while I was learning how to do this, and plus with a video you can see how my hair looks!!

I go over the dyeing process, the most often asked questions (like how it smells) as well as a few tips I WISH
I had when I was dyeing.

Check it out!

(Gee thanks for a great preview photo, Youtube....)

And here's the hair. I'll be taking tons more pictures later!!


Pretty exciting news.

I know I said I was going on hiatus, (and posts probably won't be as frequent as I'd like) but things have definitely calmed down a bit and I love this blog too much to stay away for too long.

In my absence, the super-awesome Katie from Lemon Jitters made two projects from an art collaboration we worked out earlier this year. (Thanks for being patient with me Katie!!!) One is a few printable Valentine's and the other is a love-themed sucker favor which is absolutely darling and genius because suckers are the perfect little sneaky present.

There's also the Valentine's Day Swap I participated in (and got an awesome blog to follow with Courtney.) It was a lot of fun, and I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to posting about my gifts. Life threw me eight curve balls and hit me in the face with like, six of them, so hopefully my lack of promptness is forgiven?

p.s. That was the first zombie I've ever painted. Not bad, eh?

But the reasoning for my come-back-early hiatus? The reason for me getting excited again about 2012????

Well, more to come but:

In March, I'm going back to Sweden!!!