Just an update on my crazy life.

This picture of Elvis found on Tumblr. I just wanted to share him with you while I go through a list of what's up in my world this weekend.

-I've succummed to life as a vampire. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to adjust my sleeping schedule. I've taken enough melatonin and sleep aides to kill a fat horse, I've tried oversleeping to get back on cycle. Nothing. Nothing works. I feel like a prisoner of the night (I usually wake up around 5 or 6 pm and stay up until 8 or 9 in the morning...) and my friend Amanda who is nocturnal is helping me cope and deal with this.

-I also tried yoga for the first time tonight. I couldn't find any good videos on Comcast Demand that were perfect for TOTAL noobs like myself, but I did find a pretty cool ten minute pilates workout I'll probably play every day(read-night) to help me get in shape. I will continue my hunt for good yoga dvds, and my hunt for a good yoga studio in Salt Lake City has pretty much reached a dead end. They're all crappy, but I may try FlowYoga anyway. We'll see.

-I talked to Richard and now he, his fiancee (ugh) and me are going to have lunch together somewhere next week. I am doing this for Richard, not for me. Definitely not for her. If anything she'll probably feel even more threatened by me after this lunch, but I can't help that. There will never be peace between any of his women and me. It's just a law. He knows this by now, I think.

-I have plans to see Jorge Saturday (tonight) and Nariman Sunday. Look at me, being more social this weekend than I was all YEAR in 2011!!

-I am also participating in a giveaway--my very first!! I'll be making a painting for my friend Nora over at Two Is Better Than One.

-I'm ALSO participating in a Valentine's Day swap, and I am tickled to death to send someone (other than obvious husband) a package for this special day.

-Ira, a friend of mine, has requested a painting of Goblin Valley. This will be my first time painting a Utah-specific landscape and I could honestly cry with how much it means to me. I love Utah so, so so much.

-Amanda, the vampire friend, has also requested a painting....though she didn't specify what. Both she and Nate are next on my 'to pester' list. I am bad at coming up with random things to paint for people. I prefer direction.

-Jessica Ahlquist is a 16 year old atheist who recently stood up to her school for hanging an unconstitutional banner (displaying a specific Christian prayer) in the public building. She sued the school and the judge ruled in her favor, and in return this brave girl got death threats from the kind Christian community. She now has to go to school with a police escort. You can read all about the case and what these religious bigots are saying on this website which highlights the whole fiasco.

The update I'd like to give on this issue is that recently, a secular organization ordered flowers delivered to young Ahlquist as encouragement and thanks for her efforts. Local flower companies, one after the other, refused the order, saying they wouldn't deliver flowers to "that person." Then, someone with the right idea stepped up. Glimpse of Gaia offered to send the flowers. Their Facebook page has literally gone viral and a flood of 'thank you's' from the decency-loving community shows that the internet still has room to spread the good message; i.e., DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE!!!

Here is the note they gave with the order:

"Glimpse of Gaia fully supports our First Amendment and will not be bullied by those who do not. Here's to you, Jessica Ahlquist!"

Well, that's all for the updates in my life, folks.  I'll leave you with another picture.

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