Naming of my new blog!

Hey there cats.  If you haven't figured it out, I moved blogs (I'm on bloglovin' over there, go follow me!)

But today I wrote about something really special, where I got the name for my new blog.  I wanted to update people here because 1) it's a really cool topic, I love naming blogs, and 2) my vacation posts with Henri are upcoming!

Head on over!

Saying Goodbye, and then saying Hello.

Well, it's time.

The thing is, I never intended for anyone to read this blog.  I have a bunch of older blogs that are private and this was the first one I hesitantly opened, and ever since then it's been one crazy awesome ride.

But I've evolved, and I've outgrown this blog.  I know most bloggers don't build an audience with an intention of changing blogs/moving on, but I look at my blog as more of an online journal, and who doesn't have more than one journal?

When I sensed that the fire was going out of this blog, this big huge experiment of who I was online and what I wanted to say, I made my other blog to hopefully stave off some of the dislike I had for being in a room that was just too crowded and confusing for me anymore.  But making another blog didn't help at all.  It's kind of like changing rooms in a house when you just really need a new house at the end of everything.

So, I went to a new house.  I had absolutely no intention of setting up a Wordpress site, and for years always thought Blogger would be my everything.  But then you get into it and wow, yeah.  Wordpress it is.

I won't be closing this blog down.  I might even update it (doubtful) but I for sure won't be fixing the domain or any of those things, so at some point I might disappear from your feed.  Whatever that feed might be.  I know I'm losing a lot of amazing followers, but that just comes with the territory.  I can't sacrifice my creative freedom for a numbers game...and I know the people who truly want to hear what I have to say will find me again.

With THAT depressing shit out of the way....

Find me here from now on!!! It's going to be FREAKING amazing!!! I honestly haven't done much with the site, just wrangled me a header, a theme, an...identity, and I only wrote one post and it feels so much more like what I want blogging to be now.  So, I urge you to come follow!! Links don't work yet, but the bloglovin' link does work.  And so does email subscription.  

Thanks guys and of course email me if you have any questions or concerns!! I love you!!!!!